Great work comes from having great ideas. From our initial meeting we assess your needs and present you with a creative concept in the form of a brief. This includes the outline of the idea, scripts and storyboards, specifics for the shoot days and a quote for the project from start to finish.


Turning the idea into reality is where the rubber hits the road. Bringing every ounce of our on-set experience onto a professional production environment and using industry leading technology to create content in Ultra High Definition results in a true cinematic experience.


Making the finished product something to be proud of. We do all of our editing in-house including both sound design and colour correction, while sharing the work with you as we progress to assure we deliver what we have promised.


Completion of the project is achieved by rendering the final edit of the piece and transferring it to you for digital download, meeting all pre-determined format specifications to fit across all desired platforms. Delivery is in in 4k, 2k or 1080p resolution, depending on the project.

  • 1-5 Minute Web-Based Video
  • Uncovers the story behind the brand, company or product
  • Delivered with multiple versions formatted for desired social streams
  • Tailored to engage clients audience and direct users to a specific page or product

Example project