The Road Ahead is a 4 part micro documentary series created to market Freestyle Canada’s ski teams and is presented by Toyota Canada. Each episode gives a look behind the scenes of each of Freestyle Canada’s teams & disciplines.

The series presents an opportunity to learn about two athletes from each team and experience high level competition from their perspective. Through their lens we gain insight on the athletes and respective teams as they start their long journey on the road to competing at the Olympics in 2022.

As the series is presented by Toyota Canada, we had the opportunity to showcase one of their 2019 vehicles in each video. We made a conscious effort to intertwine these vehicles into each story to correlate their brand with some of Canada’s top skiers.

The series will be released to the public in the fall of 2019, used as Freestyle Canada’s main marketing materials leading into the 2019/2020 ski season.


South Chair Media was incredibly easy to work with. They know our industry, they know our style, and they made our athletes feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera. Their ability to create and then execute on a clearly defined vision has led to some amazing content and has amped up our organization’s digital look and feel. Our Road Ahead series is a highlight of Freestyle Canada’s content and we owe it all to South Chair Media. We would recommend them to anyone
— Coordinator, Partnerships & Events Coordonnateur, Freestyle Canada

Episode 1: Halfpipe

Episode 2: Moguls

Episode 3: Aerials

Episode 4: Big Air