Geoff & Gordie share a love for filmmaking and a passion for the outdoors. Having studied film production they’ve worked on a multitude of projects as directors, cinematographers, producers and editors. Over the course of their careers they have encompassed all aspects of filmmaking to create moving content in all genres of fiction and non-fiction storytelling, garnering multiple awards, showing at international festivals and amassing millions of online views for both their own and their clients projects.

By combining their knowledge of visual storytelling with a technical perspective, they’ve made the outdoors their set, working with nature to tell unconventional stories.

Geoff Hewat

Geoff focuses his skills as our Director of Photography to create captivating looks tailored to each clients vision. Throughout the pre and post production phases, Geoff also wears the hat of producer & editor. Geoff studied film in the Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts program at Capilano University.

Gordie rogers

Gordie is our primary Director & Producer, bringing the vision of each project to fruition. Gordie also uses his skills as a cinematographer for additional shooting on-set and is our colourist in the post-production phase. Gordie studied Film Production in the BFA program at York University.